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Pragmatic PHP
is most widely used script language
for web development that powers simple blogs
to some of the most complex websites in the world

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Our PHP development team has built simple blogs to some of the most complex websites like,
multi-currency crypto platform, B2C restaurant discovery platform, Data driven real estate BI tools and many more.
Our experienced PHP team uses the flexibility of PHP in the most appropriate manner to ensure the best performance of the websites we build when there is a spike in the traffic.

Why PHP is so popular?

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Expert PHP Development team

Our in-house PHP development team has acquired expertise on PHP development best practices along with,

PHP frameworks like,

Patterns like,

Engines like

Highly qualified team,
fast turnaround

Our team comprises highly qualified engineers from recognised universities from India and Singapore. So, be assured that your project is in safe hands and the quality of the work will reflect the same.

Agile Methodology, Industry Standard Processes

Our team of React.JS developers ensures no stone unturned right from the naming conventions to the unit testing before shiping as sprint deliverable.

And passing the all quality checks, too
Ensuring to ship the code with sanity test, functional testing and well commented code is a game changer for your project when the system demands performance.

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Our pricing is a game changer for many of our clients. It is seriously cost effective and helped them to utilize the funds on marketing, better customer support and other aspects of their business to grow while they hired us!

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